Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hospital Blues

 Wednesday as I was getting ready to do the payday shopping Linda Lou fell again. She hit her head (again) and bled all over. I called the ambulance and she went off to the hospital where I threw an tantrum aking why they keep sending her home without doing anything to fix the problem. Well, the tantrum worked and she's still ther, thi think they converted a storage closet for her room but at least they're finally trying to figure out why she's ending up on the floor all the time.

 We think it's a bad reaction to the mountain of meds she's getting but they are also doing a bunch of other tests, CT scans, MRIs, etc. All the things that would have her on a waiting list for months under real socialized medicine. So far we know it wasn't a stroke or a series of strokes, that's something.

 They are somewhat concerned about her oxygen levels so it may or may not be something more than the meds, I reckon that could go either way. As it is, we're mainly waiting. And praying.

 Funny thing, Steph was visiting and her husband's best man from their wedding showed up, walking down the hall, seems he is preaching someplace in our county seat. He had his twelve year old son with him, wearing one of those fake coonskin caps like we used to wear when Fess Parker was all over the teevee. Anyway Steph noticed them and called them in the room and we got an extra prayer out of the deal. I don't know his exact denomination but if he's ever around at suppertime I'm gonna make somebody else say grace, not being overly fond of starvation. Anyhow, Texas is a big state but it's a small world.

 So, that's one reason I haven't been posting. If anyone has any pull with the main office upstairs, a prayer would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I doubt I have any special pull, but prayers are forthcoming. Wish you all the best.

vwbug said...

My prayers are still with you and your wife. *hugs*

pamibe said...

Oh, no! Praying for her -and for you, of course! Keep the faith, Peter and let Linda Lou know that we're holding her up in prayer.