Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dear Andrew

 So I look in The Puppyblender's site  and notice that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo finally admits out loud that gun confiscation "could be the answer".  Well, it's like this, Andy: When those bodyguards of yours give up all their guns, my kids will give up theirs. Oh, you say, "I'm a public figure, I need protection." Foo, far more ordinary people are murdered every day than cheap politicos. You, Andy, are no more important than my daughter.

 I've noticed, Andy, that all you politicians and important (to whom?) actors have bodyguards. The New York Time, thundering about "high capacity ammunition" (idiots) has armed guards at the door. I'll tell you who doesn't have a taxpayer funded armed guard, Andy: my wife. She's on a walker, far more helpless than you, or would Be if you didn't have those guys with evil semiautomatic pistols and "assault rifles" handy. Oh, I forgot. Your bodyguards are active duty cops, they have access to real assault rifles, don't they?

 Here's the deal, Andy. This is not some stinkin' foreign place with royalty. My people came to get away from them. You, Andy, and all your lefty pals, are no more important than my grandchildren. Since neither the taxpayers or big media pays anyone to hang around with guns, just to protect them in the odd chance that a nut will  show up, like you and your pals, we have guns.

 Andy, we'll give our guns, right after you set the example. Until you do, we'll keep wandering through life, protecting our owns best we can.


pamibe said...

Chuck Schumer thinks that the NRA is so 'crazy' that gun owners will turn on it.


I've got news for him... ;)

diamond dave said...

Andrew Cuomo wants to confiscate guns? Then let him go door to door and do it in person. Alone. I double dog dare him.

Mrs. Who said...

You always know how to express the ideas in my head...what are you doing in there, anyway? You'll get lost! ;)

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and yours. May the blessings of Christ's peace be with you and your family throughout the year.