Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TEA Party Wins, Occupy Wall Stree Fails.

 There are many reasons why the TEA Party has succeeded while OWS had been an abject failure. The biggest reason, of course is that the TEA Party has been fighting to keep what is ours. The OWS crowd is fighting to GET what is ours. And possession is nine tenths of the law.

 Anther big reason the OWS failed and the TEA Party won is the TEA Party groups gathered and then went home, leaving the area at least as clean as they found it. The OWS crowd came. And stayed. And stayed some more.

 The TEA Party crowds cooperated with police, the OWS refused to cooperate.

 The TEA Party folks rented Port-A_Potties. The OWS types did not. Local businesses profited from the TEA Party gatherings. Local businesses lost big with the OWS types.

 The TEA Party folks were peaceful and orderly right up until they got home. OWS behavior got less peaceful and more disorderly as time passed.

 The only documented use of drugs at the TEA Party events were Grannie and Gramps prescription drugs. Illegal drug dealers soon arrived at the OWS encampments. They were sometimes encouraged and always tolerated.

 The TEA Party folks either bought or brought their own food. The OWS demanded and got donated food.

 Somehow, with the illegal encampments of crowds of people, who all lived by the desire to not cooperate with law enforcement, criminal types and the homeless started to show up. Imagine that.

 No one could tell the real OWS protesters from the criminals, homeless and mentally ill among them. In some cases there was no difference.

 By the time the city officials finally started to run the OWS crowds off the encampments were rife with larceny, assault, sexual assault, public nudity, public defecation, a murder or so, suicide and drug overdose. At least one fifteen year old girl being boinked by an adult man, probably other occasions of the same behavior, sexual assault of gay men, and rife antisemitism.

 I am going to posit that the OWS crowd has as much right as the TEA Party to demonstrate. Lord knows there is plenty to complain about. I will freely posit that I, as a supporter of the TEA Party, do not have all the answers.

 If the OWS crowd had simply got the proper permits, rented Port-A-Potties, packed a couple of sammiches and a thermos bottle of ice cold lemonade, gone out, sang a few songs, made a few speeches, then cleaned up after themselves and gone home, they might have won a little support. After all, they had the full support of the old media, academia, and the Democrat Party of both the US Government but local governments. The TEA Party had the opposition of all of these.

 Instead, they lost. And every day they lose a little more. Now there is a tent at the Occupy Oakland space where gay porno is being made. That'll make for great publicity! The old Weather Underground types are showing up, middle America is going to be terrible frightened of sixty-five plus year old revolutionaries!

 Dear OWS: You are losing support every day. Go home.


pamibe said...

I think it's hilarious that they are becoming what they supposedly loathe; class warfare is evident in the encampments.

I don't see why leaders of the various OWN cities are so conflicted. They're illegal, make 'em leave. Napalm comes to mind, of course... ;)

Harvey said...

These OWS types make the anti-war protesters of 8 years ago look respectable.

diamond dave said...

Another measure of success - the Tea Party is taken seriously enough by the gov't and the media to have all sorts of railings and accusations thrown against them. OWS has, of late, become so irrelevant that they've been banished to the back pages of the news, if anyone bothers to report on them at all.