Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthdays, Anniversaries And Other Stories

It was two hundred and thirty-six years ago that Congress authorized a Corps of Marines to give some extra muscle to the Continental Navy's sailing ships. Sometime after my Linda Lou wanted an anniversary date I could not forget. So, it's November Tenth. Pray for war, pray for, er Happy Anniversary, Darlin'.
Yesterday was a busy day. I cleaned a section of the kitchen cabinet and part of the stove and cut up what was left of the football ham, sliced up a big yellow onion and threw it all and some assorted spices into around a pound and a half of Great Northern beans. This into the crockpot and, viola a big pot of everything. Beans for breakfast. I think I'm reading too many westerns. I also baked a big batch of peaner butter cookies for my sweetie. I still wish she'd get the rest of the day well, though and take over the kitchen again.
Today and tomorrow are easy days for me. Lots of good movies to catch on the old movie cable stations, I only have a little cooking and I don't have to go anywhere. so the most dressed I have to get is those boxer shorts with the button fly for when I have to go out and swear at the dogs. Sometimes I get a couple of days. The neighbor dog that was digging up my yard real badly is kind of staying home a little more since I shot him in the butt with fine birdshot with one of my .45 Colts. That's another little something. Saturday I get to fire up the lawn tractor and mow the backyard for the first time in forever. I had a crew out that trimmed the oak trees and weed-eated and hauled off the brush and now, if I can keep up with it, I have a yard instead of a wilderness.
I'm thinking on a piece on the anti-personel shotgun, those seem to be the real big thing these days, although I'm not quite sure why. They do have some use but they are also very overrated for the homeowner. Still, maybe I can shed some light through the smoke.

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pamibe said...

Happy Veteran's Day and Corp birthday!

Even Weatherby is producing those strange, 'tactical' shotguns now. Odd.