Tuesday, July 26, 2011

History Repeats

I haven't been posting for too long. Seems that the only computer we have left with an Internet connection is the little laptop. When we bought it we couldn't manage to get it online, even after Linda Lou bought the Verizon Internet card. So we finally took it along to the kid's house and our son in law, Dean, fixed it.

So I have Internet but I hate, hate, HATE the keyboard on it.

So, anyway, I was not really surprised to see that character in Norway going wild with a couple of guns and bombs. What did they think? Hi, folks, we are going to change your whole society. And then, because we are the important people, we are sending our young adult kids to a special camp where they will learn how to keep changing your whole society in ways that you, the ordinary, do not wish it to go. Since, we, not you are important, we will ignore you except to collect your taxes. Oh, and we'll continue to import vast numbers of people who hate you.

We, the really smart people (just ask us) will not only keep changing your world to our dream of a one world, no matter how much evidence to the contrary accumulates.

We've been through this before. Europe does not particularly like to have it's whole society changed from above by self-described smart people. Anybody read about Germany in, say, 1924? The really smart, somewhat left of center types were running things then. With the usual results. Money became worthless and a feller with an odd moustache took over a particularly ruthless bunch of socialists. His National Socialists were, in a lot of ways, much like the Norwegian Socialists except the Norwegian Socialists have yet to kill Jews, although Jews are getting mighty uncomfortable there.

The biggesst difference, of course, is the Norwegian Socialists have a camp just for their kids while the National Socialists wanted all the (non-Jewish) kids. Oh, and the National Socialists camps for kids had guns and knives.

Somehow the really smart people can never figure out that there are billions of firearms in the world and all the laws that the really smart people can think of will not keep firearms out of the hands of those who would use them. Since the really smart people have never bothered to enter a machine shop they have no idea how easy they are to make.

So, a guy decided to make war back on the really smart people. Everyone is shocked. Imagine that. Note to the really smart people of the USA: double up on the guards at places like Sidwell Friends.

Update: I keep reading that this Breivik feller killed children. No, he killed teenagers and young adults. Lots of those kids were a few years older than I was when I made the first landings at Chu Lai.


Teresa said...

Bummer on the computers all being out of sorts. Not sure what kind of laptop you have but if you have table space to set it up and the peripherals cooperate, you can to the following...

Grab the stuff from your desktop computer - plug in the keyboard and mouse to the USB ports and plug in the monitor to the display port (if there is one available and there usually is). At the very least the keyboard and mouse should work with the laptop and you can use those instead to make your life easier. Give it a try. It's not portable then, but at least it works. ;-)

If you can't get the monitor to work, then set the laptop up on some books or catalogs so the screen sits higher on the table or desk. Then it doesn't feel so awkward to use an external keyboard and you should be good to go!

Peter said...

Thanks, Ms.T!

Harvey said...

A USB-powered keyboard?

My, my... Teresa does live in a fancy, modern world, doesn't she?

My keyboard is so old, it doesn't even have a Windows key. It also has a big, old-fashioned AT connector. I have to use an AT to PS/2 adapter to plug it into my desktop.

I suppose the young'uns would call it "vintage".

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back online, Pete.

Please watch this video of Obama



Teresa said...

Ha! Harvey. They have adptors for your kind of keyboard. I still have one of those too lol.