Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Government? We Have A Government?

Not that I make enough money to care but folks are talking about the impending government shutdown. Right at tax season. So, if the government is shut down, why should anybody pay taxes?

Seems that the left is busy stealing the Supreme Court election in Wisconsin. So, if the judges and their supporters do not care about the law, why should anyone else? The only reason laws work is because most everyone is willing to obey the law, even the laws they do not agree with. We have a history of idiots making laws without public support. See the laws about slavery and then, later, Jim Crow. See Prohibition. See the failure of The War On Drugs.

I am not real sure the left has thought Wisconsin through. Lawless governments breed lawless people. It's not just that more people break the laws, although they do, it's that no one trusts the law. So, people do not talk the the guys and gals investigating crimes. Instead of trusting that the law will deal with someone that has harmed you, you go hunting. And then they hunt you. So great granddaddy Hatfield shot great grand-uncle McCoy and the feud lasts for generations. Thirteen dead, officially. There were probably others. That was the most famous feud, there were many others in the sparsely populated areas, more in the cities. The bloodbaths in the cocaine wars made the Gunfight ant the vacant lot between Fry's boarding house and the OK Corral along with the Vendetta Ride look like a spat between preschoolers.

Again, this when the vast majority of Americans trust the courts and police. What happens when we don't? The people in Wisconsin who are trying to negate the rule of law, from the fleebaggers to the police unions to the courthouse types to the peole threatening Republican lawmakers to the insects infesting the Statehouse, do they want an entire state of OJ juries?

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Harvey said...

If government did what it was supposed to do, instead of whatever it wanted, folks would be happy to take up a collection and chip in a few bucks, just to be neighborly.