Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Jot And A Tittle About Glenn Reynold's Infallible Genius

So I'm rooting around the Intertubez when I noticed Glenn Reynolds, the Infamous Puppyblender, lamenting that no one writes even a jot or a tittle about his infallible genius. Well, I have to admit I've never met an infallible genius but then I've never met Prof Reynolds. He must be purty durned smart, he's got this job that seems to pay pretty well, a real cutie of a wife, who is also pretty smart. He manages to find time to blog all day and into the night, nearly seven days a week. He managed to defeat The Alliance of Free Blogs, in spite of all the calumny and outright lies we told of him. Seems the only people dumb enough to believe our wild tales was Oscar Willis and the Daily Koz community.

After all that Reynolds just grew stronger. I almost tried to meet him, on our only trip through Knoxville but we had Captain Fatbob, The Black Pug of Doom with us so we didn't dare. And of course Reynolds won't come out here to Dogpatch, he has better sense than to come where the folks would say: "Law Perfesser? Get a rope! That should count as infallible genius. As a matter of fact that should be the first rule of geniusosity: Stay away from where they'd lynch you just for bein'. Hmm, the spell checker on this thing says geniusosity isn't a word. Is it geniustude? Nope, guess I'll just go down in history as someone who just invented two words, all in hope of a link.

Back to what I normally write about. Does anyone remember when and why Alcan Powders disappeared from the handloading scene? They had a lot of really good powders for the handgun and shotgun loader. They were really big when I was a kid, then sometime in the late '60s, or the '70s, they just went away. Anyhow it was either when I was still in the Service or shorty after, when I was involved in trying to build my life, and not so involved in handloading ammunition.

The Linda Lou front remains kind of messy. She is still is not allowed to put any weight on her bad leg and the right knee where she tore the anterior cruciate and a bunch of other parts whose names I disremember, back in '90 is still very sore and weak. She managed to fall again the other night, trying to get from her wheelchair to the couch. She was very low to the floor when she went down, thank the Lord but it still scared the foo out of me. Naturally I had to call the South Tawokoni Volunteer Fire Dept again. They're going to put a substation in our front lawn.

I do not really know, I suspect she just kind of fell asleep while trying to make the transfer, she takes her bedtime pills, including some pain, some sleeping and, I believe, some muscle relaxants, and then horses around until she's falling out before trying to go lay down. Anyhow a feller from the Volunteer Fire Dept drove the ambulance out, a great big husky guy and got her up and on the couch so she could sleep. Since then I've made her sleep in the recliner. It's higher and easier to transfer to and from. And I'm making her wait until she is absolutely ready to lie down before she takes her pills. Even fifteen years ago I could help her more. This getting old. Poo!

Only two doctor visits this week, the wound care specialist and her surgeon's physician assistant. And then Friday we go up to Plano to William's Blue and Gold Banquet. I'm praying this is the last of the long drives until payday. The next tank of gas comes on a credit card, on money we haven't earned yet.

Anyone who still believes that the Democrats are the party of the little people, please check the gas and grocery prices.


pamibe said...

Thank God Linda Lou didn't get hurt. Getting old sucks in about a hundred thousand ways. Like you say, it's better than the alternative... but some days I wonder about that.

The dems the party of the little people? LOL! That's my first laugh of the morning...

vwbug said...

Wow. You have been busy. Yaa, just bought gas and it was a fortune.

AWTM said...

I am so sorry you and Linda Lou keep having difficulty.....getting older is not for wussies