Thursday, May 18, 2006

Old Bisbee, Hippy-Dippy Headquarters

We got up early and rolled out of Tombstone toward Bisbee. The reader should understand that I had never been to Bisbee and only knew three things about the place. The first is that it was big in the copper mine biz. The second is that Bisbee was where Doc Holliday was playing poker when the Tombstone Stage was held up and Philpot killed. The third thing is that the streets of old Bisbee are canyons and are steep and narrow.

We got to old Bisbee, the name gives me the idea that there is a new Bisbee someplace near, we did not see it. The old buildings are still there, they are now mostly art galleries, antique stores and jewlers. I saw no old cowboys or miners, it was all artsy fartsy long hairs. Somehow I got the impression that the local weekly Republican club meeting is a lonely place. We drove up and down a couple of canyons, er streets, and then parked. Naturally, I forgot to get the camera out of the car but then, I usually do.

Tombstone is a shopping center disguised as an old town, mostly old west stuff. Bisbee is the same only geared toward the upscale jewelry and arts type stuff, plus a lot of antique furniture.

The nice thing about Bisbee is that it's a mile up in elevation so it was cooler than I'm used to in Arizona. Still, we were pleased enough to leave. Instead of going back through Tombstone we drove through Sierra Vista and past Fort Huachuca on the way back to the Interstate. Fort Huachuca is an old Buffalo Soldier post, it's one of the forts that defeated the Apache. It is still an active duty Army post, it is the home of Military Intelligence and certain Signal Corps units. It is a pretty good place if one wants to keep things secret. I don't think it is a good post for a single soldier, though.

Anyhow, we are safe in Phoenix, we will hang out here until around Memorial Day, then on to California.

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