Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend again. The older I get, the closer these holidays come together.
I don't have much planned this year, being far from home and all. I shall just say a prayer for those who have gone before and for those who still stand on the ramparts.

In the morning we shall drive up the hill to a cowboy action club's range near Prestcott for a shoot. I have never been to that part of Arizona before, from what the Pards say it is just over a mile in elevation and there is supposed to be some very pretty country.

A strange thing happened to me last week, Jim Simmons, aka Brazos Jack, the boss of Etowah River Leather sent me a big box. My gun leather was just a bunch of assorted gear, mostly the inexpensive massed produced stuff. I had one good holster with another on order. None particularly matched, which can be a cowboy faux pas, though depending on the "persona" it does not have to be. Well, I opened the box and it was full of crumpled up newspaper and brown paper bags. Each bag contained one item, like a gunbelt, a shotshell holder, a right hand holster, a left hand holster and a shell and empty box, all brand new. Each item is lined and border tooled. Each item matches, too. I do not have the right software in this little laptop we take on trips but I will take a lot of pictures for when we get home and give a full write up then. Until then, just imagine top quality leather, dry molded to the gun, hand sewn and tooled. Retail value? At least the cost of a new revolver.

It's a lucky thing the "good" aliases were all taken, the one I chose can be anyone. When we recover from the cost of this trip I shall have to buy some "town clothes" and dress like a successful gambler or wealthy rancher so I will match my new gunleather.

I'll let y'all know how the shoot went. Linda Lou and Sluggo, my oldest grandson are coming so we will have lots of pictures. Trouble is, it will be July sometime before I post them, unless my sister has that software in her computer.

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