Friday, March 25, 2011

Just Plain Tired

I haven't been posting here lately, I'm not mad at anyone (except those I'm always mad at), just tired. We had a spell of Linda Lou's meds getting out of whack and her falling down a lot. She was falling asleep while trying to transfer from the bed to the wheelchair. She also got to where she could hardly talk and when Linda Lou can't talk, er, shut up, Peter.

Anyhow, things are a little better but I'm still plumb worn out. I'll be back after I rest up a little. I do find it interesting that there are not mass demonstrations up already about Obama getting us into a war for oil for France. I would also like it if the "intelligence community" on which we spend hundreds of billions of dollars which we do not have, had some idea who these rebels we are supporting are. If, as some say, they are alQ and Muslim Brotherhood types, do the geniuses running our foreign policy think that they will suddenly change their minds and stop trying to kill us?


vwbug said...

You take care of yourself. Linda Lou needs you to be healthy! I'll gladly wait til you are ready to post again.

Teresa said...

It's really tough to be the caregiver. So sorry to hear Linda Lou is having trouble with the meds. I hope they can get the dosages adjusted or change them to other meds that work better for her. Take care of yourself!

Mrs. Who said...

Yes, take care of's stressful, but you both need you!

pamibe said...

If that danged Facebook is right, today is your birthday! So if it is, Happy Birthday!!
If it isn't... forget I was here... ;)

Take care of yourself, Peter; we love ya!