Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stupid Dog!

Well I got all psyched up to put Ming out of her misery and then she got a little use out of her back legs again and quit crying. She can now lay comfortably in her doggie bed and sleep with her Mama. So, she has a reprieve, for how long I don't know but as long as she is fairly comfortable, she lives.

I reckon the good and kind thoughts of you readers helped, thanks.

In other news we still have a semi-disaster off the coast of Louisiana with that blown oil platform. I say semidisaster because the effects of oil are temporary. Whatever damage done will go away, in time, after we stop the flow of oil. Oddly. one of the groups we have to thank for this is the antil drilling bunch. Had we some kind of rational drilling policy that rig would be in shallow water, the leak would have been stopped within days and the mess already cleaned up.But these anti drilling people are so much smarter than everyone else, just ask them.

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