Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Little Progress On The Fractures

I drove Linda Lou to the Orthopedist yesterday for her checkup, good news! She is now allowed to put a little weight on that foot. Even better, a weel from Monday she goes in for the outpatient surgery to remove all the hardware from inside her leg, the rod(s?), the screws, the Buick 231 V6, all of it. Then, if the bones are still a little wiggly, he will put some external rods on, otherwise, just another of those boots.

I am glad to see this progress as Linda Lou is still riding the "I'm just a poor cripple, wait on me hand and foot" routine for all it's worth. I swear, I'm staying in bed for a month once she's recovered. Maybe three months.

Other than that, not much going on here. I keep seeing stuff I think I ought to write about, only to find that everyone else already has. I'll get into it again, I swear. Until then, is it nap time?

Update: I just remembered, about a month ago I was lamenting the impending demise of Marlin Firearms Company. Well, I was looking at the Rossi catalog online, those are the Brazilian folks who made my clone of the Winchester '92. Anyhow, they are putting out what looks to be a copy of the most popular Marlin, the 336 in .30-30. That carbine competed with the Winchester Model 94 and was, in some ways, a better firearm. With it's solid top and side ejection it is easier to scope, for one thing, and the action is somewhat more resistant to getting crud in it in, say, woods hunting in tough weather. At any rate, the new Rossi lever action sort of helps with the demise of Winchester and the impending demise of Marlin. Too bad for us, though, if we ever really need to make large amounts of war materiel again. Not only do we no longer have the factories, we no longer have many people who can work in factories.

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