Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dude, We're Getting A Dell!

Our very old laptop computer gave up the ghost last night. It just sits there making grinding noises and trying to boot up. Consider that we bought this machine some time before we moved out here near the lake in April '98 it probably was just plain worn out.

At any rate we ordered a new Dell with lots of extra stuff, blue tooth stuff for Linda Lou's phone, photoshop and some other stuff. Did you know that we had to order a telephone modem in a new computer? Seems that city people don't need a modem anymore, it's now those fast things that STILL haven't got our here. Oh, we can get some satellite thing for a hundred dollars a month but no DSL yet. This is the price one pays for not knowing what kind of music the neighbors listen to, I reckon.

Anyhow I won't be around much until after the new computer gets here, Linda Lou doesn't much like me sitting in her chair, at her computer desk. She has everything arranged just so.

Please do not think I will get the new computer, though, I will get the E-Machine from out here. If I use the proper combination of bribes and begging I might be able to use Photoshop once in a while though. Note: Please do not make any remarks about how this or that brand is better. Too late. I have read where Dell has had a few complaints about customer service. Well, these E-Machines have the worst customer service I've ever heard of, I can put up with Texas lefties from Austin (aka the Berkeley of the Plains). The Red Chinese are even worse.

Update: I fixed the laptop, sorta. Seein' as how I had nothing to lose I took the cover off the cooling fan of the laptop and blew the foo out of it with canned air. I put the cover back on and it sort of works now. I'm pretty sure that it's still on it's last legs because it's making all kinds of noises that it's not supposed to. And it will suddenly start going and going with the four lights lit and the stupid hourglass on the screen when nobody told it to do anything.

If it just lasts 'til the new one gets here...The exciting thing is that I managed to pull the panel off and put it back on without losing anything or giving my moustache an Afro from shocking myself.

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