Monday, June 26, 2006

Dubya, May I Please Shoot Them Now?

By the Time Sept. 11 came along I was entirely too old to go back into uniform, even in a support role. I'm way too old and beat up to land a job in the Spook Shops or private outfits like Blackwater.

I do not know the languages, nor can I afford to go overseas and look for Osama Yomamoma or his pals on my own,

All these things are facts, I am not particularly happy about them, it's just the way things are. The active defense of my children and grandchildren is best left to others. I have taught the kids how to shoot, they all have access to effective defense weaponry and all the ammo they would ever need both for use and for practice.

That is pretty much all I can do. It isn't enough, it's just all there is. There are other people, dressed in various shades of blue, green and khaki, drawing their paychecks from cities, counties, states and the Feds all trying to do the same thing, protecting my grandkids.

Then we have those on the opposing side, not just the Islamist nutjobs who are actively trying to kill my grandkids but, even worse, Westerners who's hatred of out current administration is so deep that they are pleased to help those Islamists. The New York Times and the LA Times are prime examples.

I don't know how to get within rifle range of Osama. I do know where the NYT building is. It shouldn't be too difficult to get within 400 or so yards from the driveways and doors that Keller, Risen and Lichtblau use. At 400 yards I can pretty much be sure of a chest shot. I might even be able to get close enough to decide which eye I want the bullet to go through.

Can we please stop farting around and kill a few of these clowns? Pretty please? The lives of my grandchildren depend on doing this.

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