Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Investigate Gas Prices

Now it comes, the cries to investigate gas prices, which you may have noticed have risen.

I think it's an excellent idea, this investigation, but it will go nowhere, we shall investigate the wrong people. The very people who have stood in the way of drilling in ANWAR will be sitting on that raised dais, staring haughtily down on the very people who could have kept fuel costs low.

Had we begun drilling in ANWAR when the Bush Administration had begun, that oil would be just now hitting the gas stations. Think it might make a difference?

There has not been one new refinery built in America since the '70s, anyone notice that our population has risen since then? Mexico is about to drill in the Gulf. That is nice for the Mecicans, why are WE not drilling in the Gulf? Could it be those very politicians who are now beating up our oil companies? Castro's Cuba is going to be drilling some forty-five+ miles off the coast of Florida, where our oil companies can not drill. Why is that?

I have never had any relationship with "big oil" except as a customer but I live in Texas. I remember when our economy down here almost collapsed when oil prices fell to ten dollars a barrel. These high and mighty politicians who will be investigating the oil companies sure didn't offer any help then. Nor have they offered any help repairing those refineries damaged the last fall's hurricanes. The few oil rigs out in the Gulf that the politicians have allowed, many are still down from those hurricanes, too. Anybody notice those pompous asses from Washington getting their hands dirty repairing them?

Want to know who is responsible for higher fuel costs? Start with a list of those politicians who voted against the drilling in ANWAR. Oddly, that is the same bunch screeching that there is not enough oil. Imagine that.

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