Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Have We Found The Secret.?

Blogdaddy Harvey has been investigationg why my links won't work and claims to have found the secret.
A post or so back I was discussing my new rear sight on my Navy Arms '92 Winchester clone. If the link works you should see an article for the Marble's Tang Sight. If this link works it will give us a link to an article about the sight.

Hurray! It works. Oddly, I have to click on the link widget, the thing Harvey calls Kermit's head because it look's kinda like Kermit the Frog's head if one has had enough vodka, go and type the http:// behind the http:// that is already there, then after I publish the post, go back and edit out the extra http://. Otherwise the durned computer puts the addy of this website in and won't let me edit that out. Please don't ask why. What is even stranger, when I have my site's addy in the link, that I didn't want, I can hover my curser over the broken link and see it in the bottom left corner of my screen, I click on "edit html" and my site's addy doesn't show. Don't ask.

Oh well, it works. Hey, I'm for bed. I loaded some .45 Colt ammo for my '92, a box of fifty rounds of the Hornaday 250 grain XTP hollowpoint in front of a heavy load of Hodgdon's Lil Gun Powder. I also loaded a batch of that same bullet in front of a heavy load of Hodgdon's H110.These loads should clock 1300 and 1400 feet per second out of a revolver and should hit a solid 1750-1850, maybe a bit more out of the 24 inch tube in the rifle. The question is, how will my body react to that crescent shaped steel butt plate. I might just lose some fillings but I'm going to the range. I swear, the greatest invention of 20th century riflery was not the scope sight or improved metalurgy but those flat shotgun buttplates. Those skinny, curved steel crescent buttplates can flat jar you silly.

To heck with it, I am taking plenty of soft lead black powder loads, too. If the hot loads are too bothersome I'll shoot the real thing. I have plenty of BP shotshells for my mule ear double,too. If air travel is cancled in Oklahoma and Kanas tomorrow it is because of the south wind blowing my powder smoke north.

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