Sunday, February 05, 2006

The War Over The Danish Cartoons.

Am I the only person that wishes Western governments would answer these screaming mobs of the violent yahoos of Islam with a bit of the same action? A modest proposal, how about we, of the West, pick a series of numbers, between one and ten. We keep those numbers secret and just quietly count down the number of riots, when we get to that secret number, send the Air Force. See how these clowns like the answer of Death From America, (or Denmark) in reply to their chants of Death To America.

A load of cluster bombs from a half dozen FA-18s would be a good start. Those sites too far away can be visited by B-52s or B-2s, depending on the state of the anti-air in the vicinity. I would be very interested to find out just how many of these clowns would be demonstrating and burning embassies if they knew that the next one might bring a bunch of loud noises.

The biggest mistake we ever made was to quit making napalm.

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