Sunday, January 15, 2006

Iran And The Bomb.

All the real smart people are agonizing over what to do about Iran and their lust for nukes. Too many of these smart people, folks like Victor Davis Hanson, don't know what to do about Iraq. They are convinced that my man Dubya is tossin' and turnin' all night, unable to sleep because too many Lefties will cry if he blows Iran off the map. Right. Rule number one of Dubya watching is that he does not particularly care what Teddy Kennedy and Cindy Sheehan thinks. Sure, he would like it if everyone was happy but, ultimately he will do what he thinks is right. Look at how we on the Right, the one that elected him, have been screaming since about the fourth week of January, '01. Meanwhile Dubya just goes about his business.

Here is what will happen, probably while the Congresscritters are shut down on one of their ninety-leven holidays per year, even more probably after the mid-term elections, Dubya will call the Pentagon and tell them to let fly. The B-2 Spirits and F-117 Frisbees will lift off, the cruise missiles will fly from the Navy's boats and Iran's Air and Anti-Air will disappear. Then the hard work will start. The War Powers Act gives Dubya some sixty days before the Congresscritter have anything to say. Since I am in a generous mood I shall give the Iranian Air and Anti-Air three days before the last is gone. That leaves the Zoomies and Rotorheads fifty-seven days to fly around Iran blowing up anything larger than a Red Ryder Beebee Gun. Now, since Iran sits astride one of the world's more valuable bodies of water, their will also be a little work for the military's snake eaters and sneaky Petes, blowing up the various anti-ship capabilities. Dubya used to be an oilman, after all.

Now I am told that this is impractical, the anti-war types will have a field day. They will. There simply are not enough of them to matter. Dubya is not running, can not run for any office, he is through after this term. Nor will there be enough Donks to mount an impeachment. There are simply too many Americans that remember the end year and a half of the Carter Administration and the Beirut Barracks Bombing. If I wake up tomorrow and find that Iran is a smoking, glowing sheet of radioactive slag, I will regret the lost oil. Thing is, we don't have to destroy

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