Saturday, September 03, 2005

I'm Able To Talk, Just Not As Good As I Was.

Amy Wife, Toddler Mom asked a question in comments, am I able to talk, yet. I always have been, well for fifty-six or so years now. I'm having trouble with some words, no particular order that I can find. It was really bad Sunday, then it has slowly, and gradually gotten quite a bit better. I imagine it will get much better indeed once I see the speech therapists. The only real bad thing is having Linda Lou finish my sentences. Of course, she did that before this stroke, too. Unless something goes wrong in the aftermath, I really ought to be fine.

I'm going to take at least part of tomorrow of and watch the race. I plan on seeing all the Docs and therapists on schedule. Y'all unlax.

On the good news, I am now wearing the patch for my smoking. I made it home without lighting one up, and now have some twenty-eight or so hours since. I hadn't really made that decision, but, what the Hell. I'm not gonna waste the six days already spent, either. We'll see how it works out. I've jumped trough a lot of hoops here, I'm not sure I want to sell this particular reason to quit smoking.

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