Monday, June 20, 2005

Too Angry To Write

I've been reading and hearing about the "terrible abuses" That the poor innocent little lambs we scooped up for no reason and put in Gitmo have been subjected to. It's had me so angry that I've been unable to post anything I've written because of the profanity and what would be considered threats.

One of the reasons I'm so angry is that the Left, exemplified by this Dick(less) Durbin feller is endangering my family. At once he tries to tie the hands of our law enforcement, military and intel people while he aids the Jihadi recruitment and slanders not only the people doing the interrogations down there but everyone who wears, or has worn, Uncle's suit.

I'm tired of this. I'm tired of hearing about the Geneva Convention rules on POWs. These are not POWs, they're Unlawful Combatants. Under the Geneva Convention rules they have a right to a last cigarette, a blindfold and a stout wall to stand before. Instead they get better living conditions, and certainly better food, than the guys in the rifle platoons serving in Iraq or the Stan. They certainly get more religious freedom that an American kid in public school.

I don't care that some terrorist scumbag gets too hot or too cold. I don't care that the music is too loud. I don't even care if some scantily clad woman invades their personal space. (Pick Me! Torture Me like that!) I would have a difficult time caring if every interrogation session began with the interrogator gouging out the detainee's left eye and eating it like a cherry tomato just to show he's serious. I'm not advocating this, mind you, after all I don't know where these eyeballs have been. I'd hate for our people to get sick.

These Lefty's hatred of the Bush Administration and their lust for regained political power are so out of control that they are willing to have us lose this war in order that George Bush look bad. If we lose this war American citizens will die, not just overseas but here. That's my family they're willing to sacrifice. I won't forget this come election day. More, if by their efforts the Lefties succeed in tying the hands of our intel, law enforcement and military people and my family members get killed or maimed I might just go hunting.

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