Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Who Is this guy?

Yet another Blog is born. Why? Primarily because I want to be able to comment on other Blogs, most often MilBlogs and Political/News Blogs without hijacking their comments sections.
I shall also chronicle my adventures with growing old and battling Parkinson's Disease, my lifelong love of shooting and handloading ammunition and, if I ever learn how to post pictures, the readers will be subjected to a regular theme entitled something like "Run For Your Lives! He's Got New Grandbaby Pictures"
Politically I'm a Libertarian with a wife, kids and grandkids, which means I'm conservative with only a few vestiges of that Libertarianism left. I'm not particularly interested in anyone's sex lives than my own and Linda Lou's. The gay issues do not interest me at all except as they effect the larger society, I've problems of my own. Who someone else chooses to lie down next to is none of my business. I'm fifty-eight years old and not once in my life has anyone asked my permission to be gay.
The same goes with race, creed and national origin and heritage. I've lived among and worked with every imaginable piece of the puzzle that makes up America and have found that people are individuals, not members of a group.
To the extent I have a Blog Family it would be the Bad Example ( Gang. Harvey and his crowd have been beating me up about making this leap for most of a year. I've resisted this step because of my near-total ignorance on how to work this thing. Harvey has been kind enough to post entries on his site that I've sent as E-Mails. I barely know how to work that. I know I shall be needing a LOT of help getting this thing off the ground. Thinking of Harv as a Blogfather is difficult though, being as how I'm older than he is. It's kind of like the guy who is his own Grandpa.
I'm not really much of an original thinker, I'm more likely to synthesize the thoughts of others and come up with some oddball hybrid of my own based on how my life's experience matches up with that thought. My education, such as it is, owes far more to the Public Library than the American Association of University Professors., if there is such an outfit.
Well, my beloved wants to go online, so here goes the obligatory lame first post. I hope someone will help me rig a blogroll soon.

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