Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kinda Dopey

I went to see a back doctor Thursday, a real adventure as Linda Lou didn't want to be left alone for so long. It started with getting Linda Lou out onto the deck with her walker, then into her chair, down that too steep ramp and then back onto the walker and into the van, then walker and wheelchair into the van. Whew! Naptime! Whoops! Plus Bee Eye Eng Gee Oh! We couldn't go without Bingo T. Pug, now could we?

Anyhow, no time for a nap, we had to drive to Rockwall, TX to one of the offices of the Texas Back Institute. Fortunately we were nice and early because we had the same rigmarole getting Linda Lou out of the car. Once we got in I had about five X-rays on my neck and back and then into an examining room where I met my Doc, who turned out to be a surgeon.

He explained that I have some fairly serious Degenerative Arthritis. I answered with something along the lines of "No scatological expletive, Sherlock, what was your first clue?" The bottom line is I'll see a non-surgical Doc on my follow up visits, and I got some fairly stout muscle relaxants and some pain pills. I am also supposed to go for some physical therapy but that isn't until after Linda Lou is up and around. The Doc is a nice guy and realizes that I have enough on my plate right now.

We then went by the Kroger's over there, Linda Lou stayed in the car with Bingo. There are a few things Kroger's has that Wal-Mart doesn't. From there we went to the newest location of Half Price Books, so new they're not selling anything yet, just buying so they'll have something in stock when they open Monday. Too bad, there are no really good bookstores within about forty miles.

About then I was getting pretty sore so we only made two more stops, to Ded Bath and Beyond to buy a pillow for Linda Lou's wheelchair and Wal Mart for my scrip. Linda Lou got to go into Wal Mart because of the electric buggies they have, it's a lot less work, too, without having to get the wheelchair in and out of the van.

The new pills are making me really dopey, though. I shall not have much to say about anything until I am more acclimated to them or I'm done taking them. They are working though. After each dose wears off I can tell I have a little more range of motion in my neck and a little less pain in my lower back, plus I seem to be able to stand longer before those lower back muscles start to cramp. that should count for something. I am not sure that I'll still need these after a few more days.

Anyhow, that was my big adventure. Monday it's more doctor stuff, this time for Linda Lou. In other important news I made up a nice big cottage pie for a couple-three night's supper.

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