Saturday, December 26, 2009

Time To Quote Reagan

We on the right side of the aisle often quote Ronald Reagan and there is much to quote. Thing is, with this crowd in Washington we need to start quoting a different Reagan, Nancy. Ronald's beloved "Mommie" has one very famous, and often ridiculed, quote, "just say no".

This is what we Americans need to start saying to the thugocracy in Washington, as well as many state capitals. When Obama puts out an executive order saying that United States laws no longer apply to Interpol, we need to say no. Every law enforcement agency doing business in the United States must follow the law and muct respond to Freedom of Information Act requirements, from the FBI down to the Quinlan, Texas Police Department. Yet Obama is saying that Interpol doesn't? Nancy was right, just say no!

The Senate is trading hundreds of millions of our dollars so some Senators would vote yes for this monster bill that no one in the Senate has read. A bill that puts the decisions that were between me and my doctors are now in the hands of unelected boards and committees. Meanwhile they say that these decisions were all up to my insurance company, forgetting that I can sue my insurance company, we cannot sue the government unless the government gives us permission! Just say no!

It's time that millions of Americans tell Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, plus that pencil necked freak in the White House, "you have your bill, now try to enforce it!" Funny thing is, if they lock us up, the courts say we get first class medical care, not that cut rate stuff that Pelosi is trying to sell.

Pelosi and Reid got control of our Congress by promising to end corruption. That seems to be working rather poorly. Perhaps it is time to follow Nancy's instructions and just say no.

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