Friday, September 10, 2010

About t Those Flamable Korans

Dear Washington:

You have been jawing about this little fifty-member Church down in Florida that wants to make a point about how if the Muslims get to build a center that includes all kinds of things, including a Mosque, they can burn some Korans. Washington, you have put yourself squarely in the middle of this, why? Washington, perhaps you might go to the records office or, perhaps a musty old encylopedia, and read the charter that exists between you and America.

Then look back on a couple of hundred years of Supreme Court decisions. Let us start with that old parcchment, especially that paragraph reading "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of goes on but that should be enough to get you the faint glimmering of the idea that this whole bruhaha is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. I wish I were one of those computer super geniuses who know how to make letters in words an inch tall, maybe then you peabreains would lern how to say about an issue, I am prohibited by the Constitution of the United States of America from doing anything about this mess so go talk to someone who is not so prohibited.

Just as an aside, Washington, if you would only learn to butt out of things you are not supposed to be doing, you might just have a few minutes a day to do what you are supposed to do.

Anyhow, this whole mess is far bigger than it needs to be. The building that isn't a Mosque but will contain a Muslim Worship Center, that is not at Ground Zero but is two blocks away where a building that was damaged by an engine of one of the planes that created Ground Zero (that is quite a name for it) may well be built long before anyone finishes doing much of anything at Ground Zero.

Meanwhile that little Church down in Florida seems to have backed off on it's plan on a Koran BBQ but that sick cult led by that expletive deleted Fred Phelps, the failed Democrat politician from Topeka, has picked up the challenged. And you all should know that Phelps will do almost anything it it grants him access to the news.

Anyhow, Washington, seeing as how you cannot do anything about The Incredible Flaming Koran Disaster, why don't you do something you can control, like finish the fence on the border.

Oh, and you should have kept your mouth shut about those Korans because, either way it's a danger to our troops and to US interests in general. If you, Washington, had kept your mouth shut, it would have been a small issue, unless flogged by the Democrat loving "free press" that gave us the "flushed Korans" disaster a few years back when it could harm Bush. Sure, if that bunch of "journalists" had gotten off their knees on their Obama prayer rugs long enough to file the story, certain wild eyed Muslims around the world would get all excited and burn some flags and kill off a few of each other.

Now, with all this excitement, if Phelps and his gang of thugs get together and burn some Korans, the excitable morons of the Muslim world will get together and burn more flags and kill more of each other. Now I'm trying pretty hard to figure out how people killing each other on the other side of the world bothers me. Y'know, Washington, it doesn't. I mean, okay. If big crowds of Muslims gather shouting Death To America! I have the old fashioned idea that we should drop a few cluster bombs in the middle of the crowd, eventually they might learn to shout Okay, America, We Will Be Nice To Our Neighbors And Stop Killing Folks! Or perhaps they'd just learn to shout In The Name Of Allah, Please Stop! and then we could send them all to "be nice to our neighbors and stop treating women like slaves" school. Ah, but that would fail the multiculti test, sorry.

You know, Washington, I've been saying for a few decades now, stop arming anyone who treats people like slaves. Every time we do that those guns eventually end up pointed at us.

All that aside, Washington, what is it exactly that brings you people "home" for election time where you talk like you actually can walk, chew bubble gum and watch for traffic, all at the same time, and then go back to your real home, Washington and act like the people my late mother, God rest her soul, called fatheads? Hmmm?

So, Washington, please stay out of things that do not concern you. You have enough to do fixing that idiotic Ponzi scheme you call Social Security. And the border. And our worn out military equipment. You know, Washington, that you've been using the heck out of our trucks, rifles, humvees, ships airplanes, not to mention boots. Meanwhile they're not getting replaced as they wear. You can only fix an airplane so many times, Washington. After enough time at sea a ship needs more and more time tied up for repairs, not to mention in a drydock. Meanwhile you are talking about giving Mexico another billion plus dollars so they can drill in the Gulf while we can't. Um, Washington, we don't HAVE an extra billion bucks, remember? If Mexico needs to borrow billions, let them do it like we do, borrow from the Chinese. If you can find a borrowed billion to give to Mexico, use it to repair or replace some tiny bit of the worn out gear in the military. That, Washington, is your job, not borrowing money to give to an oligarchy. Fatheads.

Washington, I turned ten in 1957. Back then a kid could leave the house in the summer, after chores of course, and be gone until suppertime. If said kid was near home at lunchtime,(s)he and all the other kids in the pack would storm the house for peaner butter 'n jelly sammiches and milk or Koolaid. Nobody worried. Often, near suppertime, phone calls were made for a kid to eat over.

Washington, those kids were safe, barring getting chased by dogs or angry cows we tried to ride. Washington, it was your changes in policy that made the whole durned country unsafe for kids. You want to know why we're in the TEA Party movement, Washington? It's because we remember when we were kids and could go outside, safely. That is the America we were born in Washington and we want our country back!

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