Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bugz And Gas!

Between sitting around drooling on myself from the pills and working my fingers to the bone taking care of Linda Lou and the dog critters I have been trying to figure out what the heck the pencil neck in chief means by this new nuclear posture.

The old one was simple, use WMDs on the United States or her closest allies and risk the full fury of her armed forces, up to and including the biggest thermonuclear weapons in our inventory. And, because we have pledged not to use biowar and chemwar our military doctrine has been a bug= a gas= the Bomb.

Here is my problem with this new "posture", which looks a lot like groveling from here. Gearing up to build nukes is very expensive and hard to keep secret. I'm pretty sure if the nutcases running Iran had put the resources they've sunk into trying to make the Bomb and the delivery systems, their economy would be flush and their people happier.

Chemical and Biowar, on the other hand, are cheap. Any country with a medical research program can, instead, make bioweapons. After all, if one is set up to study germs and virus, one can make them. As a matter of fact, to study them one nearly always makes them.

Chemical weapons are even cheaper. A High School Chemical class has all the equipment needed to make enough Chlorine Gas to kill the heart of a city. For the cost of just one main battle tank a country could make up the lab to send bioweapons throughout the USA and her allies. Nor does one even need those fancy fake shaving cream cans from that Tom Clancy novel. There are several highly contagious diseases for which few of us are immunized. Plague, for instance. Round up a couple of hundred would be suicide bombers only instead of filling their BVDs with explosives and taping the wicks to their weenies, shoot them up with the bug de jour and send them to the USA, Europe, Australia, etc. No bombs, no skulking about the reservoirs, just ride the subways and buses during rush hour until too sick to get out of bed, then die. Even if they end up going to the hospital instead of dropping dead during rush hour, they've done their damage, everyone they've been close to is now spreading those same bugs.

Suppose your part of the HateAmerica club is short on Jihadis willing to kill themselves? No worry, simply get a hundred kilos or so of uncut Heroin. make the first cut some Plague or Anthrax, maybe some Smallpox and slip it in, a couple kilos at a time into the already established pipelines. America's and Europe's junkies will do the rest.

Now the reasons that folks like the Castro brothers or Qaddafi or any number of other bad guys have not done something like this already have nothing to do with their well known Christian charity but fear, raw, naked fear. The Mad Mullahs of Iran have no problem sending others to their deaths, they, however, cling to life. They all have held off simply because they all knew that a chemical is a bug is a nuke. They do not know that anymore.

A conventional response to a biowar attack is manpower intensive. The manpower might be short if, say, the 3rd Infantry Division and First Armored riddled with Plague. Yet at least some of our Missile Subs are at sea, ready to turn a foe's home into a radioactive desert. Our jughead in Chief has removed that possibility. Funny, my children do not live at the Jihadi's ultimate ground zero, his do. So does he. Idiot.

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