Tuesday, September 01, 2009

On What Authority?

So I start my daily trek through the Intertubez and one of the first things I see is Robert Stacey McCain getting kind of exercised about this Obama character wanting to address all of the Nation's public school students on September the eighth.

Seems he wants them to take notes. I'm curious. I've read the Constitution several times and see nothing in it that gives any President the right to demand anyone listen to him. Nor is there a clause allowing him to tell people to take notes.

I keep reading that document and the powers given the President are quite limited. His power over education is even more limited. I'm assuming that, as Commander in Chief of the Armed Services he could tell the Joint Chiefs of Staff to take notes, or for that matter, a PFC at Fort Riley.

Students, though, is another story. The responsibility for public school students still belongs first to the parents and then to the employees of the local, elected school boards. The President of the United States of America has other duties, The only schoolchildren he has any right to speak to, without the parent's permission are his two daughters, Malaria and Smallpox or whatever their names are. I'm not supposed to know his kid's names, he's not supposed to know mine.

Anyhow this really makes me want to have a long look at this constitutional scholar's grades. If the constitutional scholar in chief would just take a look at the document giving him the power he has he'd realise that he has no power to demand anyone not in the military or working in the executive branch of the federal government listen to him, much less take notes. He might also learn that we do not have Czars in our constitutional republic. I'm not persactly sure where they still have Czars or how they are appointed, probably through birth like in Russia pre1917 but if Czars are legal anywhere, Obama is welcome to go there.

Here is the last thing I don't understand. School boards are made up of elected officials, mostly very jealous of their prerogatives. So, why are they going along with this constitutional scholar in chief trying to take their authority? Why don't they just put out the word to turn the TVs off?

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