Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ACORN And The Workers, That's Loyalty

I don't know much about ACORN, I live in the country where the communities are too small to be organized. That's why there were few Obama votes out here, we don't think community organiser is a job.

So, I read that ACORN is suspending operations in a headline, then I read that they are simply not seeing any new "clients" while the hold an internal review. Yep, that'll work. How many years did it take for them to figure out that the founder's brother embezzled most of a million bucks from them? I mean this was back before Obama started throwing trillions of dollars like I throw nickels, too.

Anyway, just before I found that out I was bemused by ACORN's other antics. As each of those recordings showed up by those brave young people doing the job that the news media is supposed to do, the ACORN bosses screeched about ENTRAPMENT!! Doctored tapes!!! Our workers were just leading them on!!! Blah blah. Then, oddly enough, ACORN fired these innocent workers. That's odd, if an organization is claiming that the workers did nothing wrong, those workers are not fired because firing them is an admission that they are guilty. And if the workers in several offices are guilty, that establishes a "pattern of wrongdoing". I'm no lawyer, I do have some standards, but even I know this.

This is, of course, nothing new. One of the first things I learned in the Service is the old "loyalty up, loyalty down" slogan. Simply put, if a leader, from Corporal to President, is not loyal to the men and women under him, they will not be loyal to him. The left does not understand this, and it seems, never has. Look at Stalin and Trotsky or other of the thousands of people loyal to him that died, either with the famous pistol bullet in the back of the head or worked to death in the Gulags.

Look at Hitler and the night of the long knives.

This country has a similar, although less bloody, history. Many of the kids in the antiwar left ended up locked up, addicted or just plain ruined by the drugs. The leaders? Well, we know about Bill Ayers. Jerry Rubin died wealthy, although a scofflaw to his death. Had he walked to the street corner and waited for the light to change, he would not have been run over while trying to jaywalk on a six lane LA street. At least the other YIPPEE founder, Abbie Hoffman had the decency to swallow 150 barbiturate pills and go out the way he told others to live. He was the minority, though.

Ah well, most of the lefty leaders are wealthy while spending their time on the top story of that famous two story outhouse, while the followers go to the first story.

How wealthy are the top level bosses of ACORN? I have no idea but since they could hide a near million dollar embezzlement from 2000 to 2008 there must be a powerful lot of money floating around that outfit. So, tell me, why are the communities they are trying to organize so poor?

My, it must be like the millions of dollars Obama and Ayers spent to improve education in Chicago. Seems that of all those Annenberg Foundation dollars they spent went to their mostly crooked buddies and the Chicago schools are not one jot better. Imagine that. Now Obama is doing to America what he once did for Chicago schools.

Oh, anybody know what kind of car the boss of SEIU rides around in? Bet ten dollars that it isn't a battered old '89 Chevy.

Update: I'm also told ACORN, although integral in the formation of SEIU, has resisted all attempts of it's workers to unionize. Sooner or later some of these workers will blow the lid off ACORN. It probably would have already happened if the legacy media were not a wholly owned subsidiary of the far left.

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