Friday, August 14, 2009

Nothing Much To Say.

I don't have a whole lot to say right now. Nothing much wrong just tired of the constant assault. I think this is a big part of the left's plan. We of the right have trouble being perpetually angry, a major talent of the left. Seriously, do we ever really see a leftist happy? Oh, a leftist might smile at some calamity for a minute, there were lots of smiles when Dick Cheney had heart trouble but, then, he lived and the constant frowns came back.

Happy people make poor activists. Oh, Obama says that we should shut up and let Democrats fix what Democrats broke in the first place, trying to tell us that the Doctors are just cutting parts out of or off us us, willy nilly. He tries to tell us that insurance companies, which act under a load of rules that would crush steel, rules written, mostly, by Democrats, are the problem. Then we get angry and fume for a while, then we go back to our families, jobs and pets.

While we are doing things like watching grandchildren grow or scritching a dog's ears they, noticing we're busy, add another trillion to the National Debt. If anyone notices they screech about Bush. Meanwhile this Administration makes the Bush Administration look like penny pinchers.

Anyhow, I'm sick of fighting with them, I know I can't give up the battle but I hope I can take a few days off. I have a new book on a disc and I'd like to step offline for a day or so to read it, it's the story of Rocky Gibbs and his wildcat cartridges. And his method of lighting the powder off from the front of the cartridge instead of the rear. This involved threading the primer flash hole and running a tube up to just below the bullet. I'll know far more once I read the book, I reckon but the general consensus seems to be that front ignition is better, just not enough better to be worth the trouble. It seems to be okay on a one guy loading a few rounds, not okay for a factory or, worse, a government arsenal loading millions of rounds.

So, I'll be out of pocket a bit but there is nothing wrong. And, I'll be back with a book report.

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